Dungeon Crawl Classics: Fellowship of the Goose

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    • Dungeon Crawl Classics: Fellowship of the Goose

      Now campaign log is available under fellowship-of-the-goose.obsidianportal.com/

      When the granary burned down, the villagers had nothing to sell and no provisions for winter. So they chose some of their daughters and sons to enter the cursed tomb that had been up in a mountain valley forever. Others had tried to brave it before but never returned, and no one had been desperate enough to try since. But winter was looming, and the unknown fate of an adventurer was preferrable to starving quite predictably. And so they set out.

      WIthin the tomb they found mostly curses and traps. Some ended up disfigured by the events, and the dwarf remains buried below the stone door at the entrance to this day. But they pushed on - past magic mouths, past the corpse of one of the last daring adventurers, into the depths. They fought skeletons. And here the goose revealed itself, in the hour of need, as the farm girl named Clio distracted the undead minions to save one or two comrades from certain death. Thus the Fellowship of the Goose was born, especially since the duck proved to be too independent to be thrown into any old fountain or pool after another, and hence did not make a good mascot.

      Magellan the Elf was one of the few unlucky enough to truly expire, as he explored a dark shaft to its end, only to be gruesomely eaten by whatever - we may never know - lurked at its end. Drugo the Halfling knew discretion was the better part of valor and retreated hastily, and the whole party explored other venues.

      Ambrose, a cooper by trade, was the first to explore down another hallway, past the arch with the glowing runes. Several followed before the hideous nature of the arch was revealed, bending their will to fight one another. Luckily it was mostly a brawl, but when one of their lot wanted to hit the possessed Ambrose with a crowbar, he fought back in kind, ending her journey forever. In the end, the unconscious and wounded were retrieved, and the room down the stairs behind the arch turned out to be the burial chamber of the chieftain's wife or a similar female dignitary. The jewelry they found on her withered bones was more than enough to trade for a winter's worth of food.

      Their purpose fulfilled they felt no further hunger for adventure and left the dark depths before any other harm could befall them. But adventuring is an acquired taste, and if you're only looking forward to being an indentured servant for the rest of your days it turns out to be quite an appealing one. So 14 of them never returned from their trip to the nearest town, because some opportunities are better than none.

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    • The village had been saved, and some of the original tomb delvers had escorted home the caravan of provisions. But not all of them. Some had found employment with the city watch, using the cold season for some cheap but effective training in the use of weapons and team tactics. And boring night shifts. Some had found religion, but none quite the same. Clio comes to mind, drawn into the service of Justitia. Probably not a surprise when you "own" a goose named Rosenkranz. Ponn felt more drawn to the service of Elder God Cthulhu. Ricardo was even rumored to have become a cultist of the Chaos Titan, but maybe that's just small town talk. The elves and the halfling had sought out mentors in their own communities, drawing on tradition to hone their skills. Others like Henry relied on their wits and quick reflexes to make a living on the streets. And Ambrose and Gori apprenticed themselves to the old mage in the tower by the city wall.

      Each dedicated to their own little world, may it be night watch duty, pickpocketing or sacrificing goats in the dead of night, they heard little of each other until spring came. And when spring comes, it's party time! And so the adventuring party reunited at the cultural event of the season, the big festivities that heralded the growing season. But Ambrose had been tasked by his master to acquire their united services to retrieve a stolen spellbook. Only some of the events that resulted can be recounted here though.

      Alrik the Unwise found out that enraging an elder mage has direct consequences. Macario, always endowed with enough rope to hang himself, poked himself with a poisoned dart when unveiling a clue. Clio not only was the first to learn about the recent murder of the herbalist, she also showed the guts to become a true Justitia's Witness right in front of the Chaos Titan's cult hideout. A black eye seems to be a small price for that. Ponn and Ambrose got to meet the King of Beggars. Drugo the Halfling and Clio ended up staging an ever bigger party in "Smallville," trying to elicit information from the halfling minority. Henry found a fence who had some hints - for a small fee. Through entering the shop of the murdered herbalist they found a series of clues they presented to the wizard.

      And now they are off the stone circle outside the city, in the forest, prepared to prevent a nature spirit summoning for the small sum of 15 gp per person, a rather reasonable fee - under the condition the book is retrieved. (If they happen to remember that.) Somewhere a murderous halfling is on the loose. Something is afoot with the wizard's former apprentice. Something was not quite right with the herbalist's side business in black magical spell components. But the Fellowship of the Goose is willing to unravel this mystery. Well, if the gods finally favor them. So far their religious diversity has brought them mostly quarrels...
    • Fellowship of the Goose: Formation

      ORANGE TEAM >>

      Macario 'Chubby Knotter' [Mattia - Warrior]: Fat ropemaker, he knows how to tie 47 different types of knots plus variants. He has proven quite heavy to carry.
      Cliomenica the Goose Bearer [Psi - Cleric]: Sweet barley farmer, human companion of Rosencrantz the Goose. She is a bit whiny and scared, but has big... heart.
      Drugo Silkfingers [Thomas - Halfling]: Glovemaker hobbit, also expert in cooking, socializing, partying, and being tied like a salami.
      Alrik pool seeker [Sebastian - Warrior]: Farmer with an omniuseful 3 meters pole. He always looks for water pools to stick his duck within.
      'Spotted' Braenn [Kasia - Cleric]: Shaman with a small cosmetic problem. She realized that spirit whispers are seldom of any help.
      Gory Chaincracker [Han? - Wizard]: former slave, who escaped the slave trade under mysterious circumstances, now wizardry apprentice.
      Gallion the silent [Hugo - Elf]: he does not need to speak often, since humans never understand anyways!

      BLUE TEAM >>

      Ambrose the Lunatic [Mattia - Wizard]: ex-cooper mad as a goat, alternates moments of sudden reason with wild magic bursts.
      Gildorel, elven craftsman [Psi - Elf]: quite arrogant elf companion, who believes himself a superior, misunderstood, artist.
      Ponn who-does-not-care [Thomas - Cleric]: no longer a beggar, he is now in a peculiar relationship of mutual carelessness with his god.
      Ricardo, cunning dark priest [Sebastian - Cleric]: obscure zealot with a stony leg. Loves to punch girls who annoy his faith.
      Milva city wanderer [Kasia - Thief]: her charms are only part of her thievery... ehrm, enterpreneuring skills
      John the hound [Han? - Warrior]: sometimes mistaken for a sasquatch, he is so hairy that he blends within a sheep herd.
      Lucky bargain Henry [Hugo - Thief]: or at least he -thinks- he got a lucky bargain, actually his fencer scams him every time.
    • Gender issues dominated last session. Not only did Ambrose become a gender bender and turned into Ambrosia, but Rosenkranz is of course - and always was - a gander, not a goose. But it seems like nobody liked the ring of Ganderbearer, so Clio remains as the Goosebearer.

      After long discussion the group moved out of town to find the stone circle. The most surprising development probably was that Blue and Orange team remained in the same composition as originally devised. After arriving at the forest's edge, the party kept taking turns towards the darkest parts, and was by mad screeching owls, traps, ambush strikes, wildly charging deer and dancing lights. John the Herder became infamous for evading the deer by climbing a tree, a move - though smart - not really appreciated by his fellows.

      After the journey through the darkest forest they emerged on a clearing - they had found the magic place, originally sacred to Braenn's nature goddess, now defiled. Dark Fey beset them, but they prevailed - even though they took Macario down. Not his lucky day in general. And the wizard's fallen apprentice also made an appearance, but his lack in spellcasting skill suggested he might have been better off with rehearsing his lessons than setting out for a life of villainy. His protracted and strangely longwinded dying words cast some doubts on the wizard's motives, but the spellbook was recovered. A bit bloody overall, but still intact.

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    • Dungeon Crawling, Classy, Fools

      Hi everybody,

      This is the general post for the english speaking monday group, on which I will try to keep all the material produced during the session in one place.

      I invite also Sebastian to share here his fantastic summary of the session held so far (I know you have it ;) ).

      This might be also a good place for sharing proposal about the game (such as the dirty dungeon - see video below), plans (so that Oliver can know them in advance and counter them in the most appropriate way)

      For what concern Tremulus (Cthulhu), maybe it is better if we set a different thread.

      I also suggest psi to upload the colour version of his pictures (the ensable of Macario, Gildorel, Clio and Rosenkranz and the portrait of Gildorel)

      here the picture of a ELF fallen asleep - which is weird...as I've just double checked on the rule and apparently ELVEN ARE IMMUNE TO MAGICAL SLEEP :pinch: ....whatever

      the picture of the legendary fight between the goose and the skeletons will follow, as well as the draft of the background of the Ambrose, the gender bender wizard, mage, cultist,

      I will once again propose you to watch this video from John Wick about the cooperative dungeon creation:

      • sleeping fool.jpg

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    • Oliver schrieb:

      Well, I watched the video. How will you guys collect the material for the dungeon?

      Not sure about the complication points - what is he referring to? The time spent discussing at the game table during the dungeon crawl?
      Uhm, I think that he implies that the players are supposed to create the props and the other stuff "on the spot", during the "in town" session. So basically, the first session would be the players working on all the aspect of the dungeon, role playing the various meeting with people that already tried to storm it (and failed). This process takes a lot of time. so every 5-10 minutes of session, the master gains complication points. Let's say the "in town" session lasts for 2h 30' and the master gains 1 complication point every 5 minutes. At the end, he would have gained 30 complication points. this means that he can alterate the material produced by the players 30 times (in the sense that - the map is not accurate, the juveline dragon is actually an ancient dracolich...and so on and so forth). In the week before the "dungeon session" he can than modify everything accordingly.

      of course it is just a random idea I wanted to share :) out of pure curiousity.

      for the shifting to other area of the forum, yeah, definitely, but I didn't really know were to put it in the first place :D

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    • Mattia, I was touched by your story, especially when you are elaborating Ambrose's feelings towards Marigold (especially since we know what happened afterwards). But then you don't develop enough Ambrose's reaction when he kills her: Is it just fine like that? Cmon manm you can do better in that part.

      The stoooory....