Dungeon Crawl Classics: Fellowship of the Goose

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    • Ok guys and gals... I could not resist drawing the following. My creativity is driving me nutz (maybe I am dreaming C'(apostrophe)'tulhu). Ahem. I introduce you... the Priestesses of the Fellowship:
      Umm... sorry for the "hot nun fetish" theme, it just stuck into my head.
      Oh, and i had Braenn's face veiled to hide her cosmetic problem, this way she totally looks hot nevertheless.

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    • Probably the next drawing will involve Milva and Drugo:
      - I believe Milva, being a locksmith and thief, should be somehow into machinery. So I imagine her with a pair of Steampunk goggles, and gears logos.
      - Drugo should have cool gloves, and multiple pairs of tailoring scissors that he can use for halfling two-weapon-tailoring. Oh and of course, when you have scissors, you are supposed to have a weird haircut as well. Right?

      Back to game mechanics. I think we should start to POOL the skills of our characters. Since DCC has a foggy skill system without precise skillset and scores, we should start figuring out what our characters should be good at, of course in relation to our occupation, but not only, come on. For instance:
      - Alrik always carries a 3 meters pole. Why? Because he is an EXPERT JUMPER !! He has trained in Pole Vaulting and now he can jump over fences, on the roof of short building, across chasms, and such. It DOES make sense storywise and I think it's fun.
      Any ideas how to expand this concept?
    • "Dirty dirty dungeon!"

      I think that the work we have done last Friday is better represented through a narrative transition, I will ask Oliver to upload it on the Obsidian portal.

      but, let us begin:

      The fellowship was quite astonished of the turn that the events tooks after the successful fight against Brahst. As the first lights of the day shone on the quiet clearing in which they camped,they start hearing the noise of a horse approaching. After few moments of doubt the figure emerged from the path. It was a young man, wearing the crest of the Cillamar watch, he looked like he wandered for a little while in the woods. He quickly greeted the company and delivered a message "I bring words from your friend, Macario." it was in that moment that everybody realized that the big guy was missing "I was one of his fellow during our training in the watch, and with this favor me and Macario are even. Anyway he told me to say you this: Ambrose escaped with the book, he went to the wizard. They both left immediately; I'm trying to follow them. I will contact you again as soon as I know more. By they be ready.” the man went on talking without paying attention to the dropped jaws of the fellowship members. “I hope this makes sense to you, because he was a bit upset and in a hurry. He really got lucky by the way, I was passing by just by chance. Maybe lucky me, that favor was quite huge. I'm happy he said we are even" After saying this, he departed immediately,

      Yes, Ambrose escaped with the book. The whole thing wasn't really making sense. Why would he escape with the book? Did he want to learn the spells in it? But then, why giving it back to Alfrond? And why did they both left Cillamar?
      Apparently, those questions will remain unanswered for some time, or better, until Macario will contact them. And for that moment, they must be ready.

      Once they returned in town, they got the ultimate confirmation that the guy was not lying about what happened. The tower was empty, completely empty. Not even the dust was left. Basically they got wounded, they wasted time, for nothing. Worst of all, they are in the dire need of finding quick resources. They were there, at the Brass Dwarf, a peculiar inn in the Common Quarter (named after the strange statuette that lies on a beam over the counter), drinking strong ales. It was not clear who initiated the talk, but an idea was dropped on the table “we go and find that damn temple in Cillamar below!”

      the trouble has just began..

      here the information they collected from the various talking they did:

        1. here is a temple below that belong to a long forsaken deity (different claim about the name)
        2. the inner chamber of the temple display a huge idol with diamonds in the eyes
        3. too bad it is protected by teleport trap from all the way of access. only one actually teleport the people inside
        4. somewhere, a wicked aberration with a name impossible to pronounce is doing some vile experiments
        5. there is an hydra somewhere
        6. possibly there is a dragon as well, but he/she is not in friendly term with the hydra
        7. The connection to the temple is through the sewer system
        8. there is a tribe of goblin stalking there, with giant rats
        9. more interestingly there are slavers there, who managed to tame alligators
        10. the big boss of the slavers is a huge fat guy
        11. there tribe of goblins in the sewers with tamed giant rats
        12. to reach the temple, you have to dive inside a water basin in the artesian well
        13. it is told that a pegasi is trapped in one of the chamber at the temple level
        14. gelatinous cube stalking one of the room in the sewer level
        15. seal access from outside
        16. Brown moss is found in the dungeon.
        17. There is at least a secret room and two secret passages
        18. All the main temples of Cillamar are connected to the sewers, and some to the level below. it is thus not unlikely to meet some raiders belonging to one fate trying to pinpoint the entrance to other temples
        19. The thieves guild headquarter is connected to Cillamar below, the area is secured with cross bows traps
        20. a psychic fungus is found in the temple level
        21. there are pyxies
        22. one of the entrance to the beggar king is near the beggar king “palace”
        23. there is a team led by the Dwarf Bonzur Rustlepint that is trying to get to the temple

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    • goblins and tunnels?

      available at fellowship-of-the-goose.obsidi…e-log/goblins-and-tunnels

      While in the Brass dwarf, the group was approached by a group of four people, two human and two dwarven. Apparently they overheard their intention of going down to Cillamar below. They introduced themselves as Augustine, Cleric of Cthulhu, Nottall (a rather dwarvish dwarf), Mr Zwerg (a rather agile dwarf) and the suspicious looking Mr Dieb. They started immediately to talk about business: they have two maps through the sewers and below to get to the temple!
      The maps are extremely detailed, so apparently this time the Fellowship stands good chances to navigate through the tunnels and put their hands in a relatively safe way over a good deal of treasure. Hopefully.
      However, they still need to find a safe way to access the sewers. Cillamar below is a well known redoubt for thieves and worse, so it is really unluckily that the watch will let anyone enter in one of the access. One possibility would be to ask to the thieves guild for the permission to access to the deeper tunnel through their facilities, being in fact Milva a member of the guild. However, this option was immediately discarded: the hierarchic structure of the guild was really complex to navigate for a “freshman” like Milva, and the questioning about the tunnel might draw unwanted attention.
      The fellowship come up with the idea of asking the supervisor of Alrik, who is a member of the watch (although he has been missing for awhile from his duty), for permission of going below. While he navigated through the streets he managed to overhear a conversation between two dwarven. They were talking about a sage, a studious of antiquities of their kind, that ventured in the tunnels below with the high permission of the lord. Apparently they bribed someone, most likely the lord himself! Alrik did not question the veridicity of the claim, and abandoned the idea right away.
      In the meanwhile, Braenn decide to retire for meditation in close contact with nature. Nobody of the company really understood this ability of her, but apparently she succeeded in finding a possible safe entrance to the sewers. Through the “palace” of the beggar king.
      The beggar king asked only for one condition: bring him back a ring that was stolen by one of the goblin. The company agreed.
      The tunnels of the sewers were dark, foul smelling and with a constant dripping noise that could easily drive a man crazy. they are large and with sidewalks large enough to guest two man walking side by side. In the center a deep channel of tainted water flew. It would be really a pity if someone fell into that. To add more problem, the ground is really slippery. After navigating the tunnel for a while, they reached a large room where a man was lying on the floor, dying. Cliomenica tried to heal the poor guy. At the beginning he was thankful, but as soon as he discovered that Cliomenca was a servant of Justicia, he tried to commit suicide. In fact the man was none the less one of the servant of the Chaos Titan, on a sacred mission. a noise coming from another tunnel distracted them. In that moment Ricardo approached the man who communicated him his mission and asked him to kill him. Ricardo put an end to the life of the man. In the meanwhile a small troop of goblin attacked through the tunnel on the left of the chamber! they fellowship, thanks to some quick lucky blow of Drugo dispose of the goblin really quickly.
      After the battle and some discussion the group decide to split. Some of them (Milva, Drugo, Mr Zwerg, John and Hanry) decided to head toward the goblin lair. Afterall, they were asked to retrieve a gold ring from them. The others (Nottall, Alric, Ricardo, Agustine, Breann, Mr Thief, Gildorel, Gori and Gallion) decided to go to the Slavers. The first group, after passing by a tunnel, made and interesting discovery: one full plate armour and one leather armour. however, A danger was over them: a slime dropped over the poor Milva and almost killed her. Cliomenica immediately healed her.
      The group that confronted the slavers abandoned immediately any plan of compromise when they asked to drop the weapons. Alrik acted immediately he faked of going toward the three cross-bow slavers with his battle axe in his hand, hold forward. Once he reached them the regained the grip and chopped off the head of one of them. The battle started and Nottall tried to stab one of them. In the general chaos that followed, a great praise went to Braenn who managed to control the crocodile in the water. Too bad she fell into the foul channel herself, while trying to charge one of the slavers. In the fight, Nottall almost got himself killed. at the end the group killed the last slavers, who, however managed to gave a warning shout..
      what will awaits them?